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Configuring the Index

Torrust's configuration is a simple TOML file. If no TOML file is found, it will fail on startup.

Must change

These are all the configuration options that can affect the security of your instance. Please make sure to change these to your own values.

  • tracker.token
  • auth.secret_key



  • REQUIRED url: public UDP url of the torrust-tracker instance.
  • REQUIRED api_url: URL of the torrust-tracker API, usually http://localhost:1212.
  • REQUIRED token: token configured in the torrust-tracker configuration.
  • REQUIRED token_valid_seconds: Lifetime of a tracker key.


  • REQUIRED port: The port the API will listen on. It's not advised to use ports under 1024 because root access is required for these ports.
  • OPTIONAL base_url: The URL this application is accessible from. Used to build the email verification URL. If not set it uses the hostname the endpoint was called from.


  • REQUIRED connect_url: The connection URL of the database. Should always start with sqlite:, no other databases are supported as of now.Including mode=rwc allows the database to be Read / Written / Created. Example: sqlite://data.db?mode=rwc
  • REQUIRED torrent_info_update_interval: Interval in seconds for updating torrent seeder and leecher information. This can be a heavy operation depending on the amount of torrents that are tracked, and thus is not recommended to be lower than 1800 seconds.


  • REQUIRED server: Hostname or IP address of a SMTP server.
  • REQUIRED port: Port of the SMTP server.
  • REQUIRED username: Username for authenticating with the specified SMTP server.
  • REQUIRED password: Password for authenticating with the specified SMTP server.
  • REQUIRED from: Email address where emails are sent from.
  • REQUIRED reply_to: Email address to which replies on the emails should be sent. Can also be a non reply address, or the same as the from address.


  • REQUIRED min_password_length: Minimum length of a password when registering a new user.
  • REQUIRED max_password_length: Maximum length of a password when registering a new user.
  • REQUIRED secret_key: Signing key of the JWT authentication tokens. Keeping these default will severely impact the security of your instance, and allows attackers to login as any user.


  • REQUIRED upload_path: Path where uploads should be stored. Directories will be automatically created on startup if they don't exist.


name = "Torrust"

url = "udp://"
api_url = "http://localhost:1212"
token = "MyAccessToken"
token_valid_seconds = 7257600

port = 3000

min_password_length = 6
max_password_length = 64
secret_key = "MaxVerstappenWC2021"

connect_url = "sqlite://data.db?mode=rwc"
torrent_info_update_interval = 3600

upload_path = "./uploads"

email_verification_enabled = false
from = ""
reply_to = ""
username = ""
password = ""
server = ""
port = 25