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Jose Celano

Senior Developer

Contributor since: 2023

Jose is a senior developer with a focus on backend development. His expertise used to be PHP, although he has also been enjoying doing things with TypeScript. He is now working full-time with Rust. He lives in Gran Canaria (Spain) and works remotely.

Jose is currently working as a developer on open-source projects, for example: BitTorrent Tracker in Rust.

From 2016 to 2021 he worked for HYVE as a manager and developer. HYVE is an innovation company which was founded over 20 years ago and is located in Munich.

For a couple of years (2014-2016) he was very involved in Bitcoin projects.

He founded a company called iQ Ingenieros together with Emilio Medina. They built desktop apps with C# and web apps with C# and PHP for 10 years.

He started working professionally in a gaming company working on a game called Free Wheel. It was an isometric driving strategy game taking place in a future world inhabited by zombies.

In 2003 he used a PHP framework called PHP.MVC. It was a port to PHP from the popular Java framework Apache Struts. More info about that project, in Spanish, here.

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