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Profiling the Torrust BitTorrent UDP Tracker

Published on 25/03/2024
8 min read

Dive into the advanced profiling techniques driving the Torrust BitTorrent Tracker's performance. This post uncovers the tools and methods we leverage to ensure the tracker's efficiency, scalability, and our journey towards optimizing peer-to-peer file sharing.

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Benchmarking the Torrust BitTorrent Tracker

Published on 19/03/2024
16 min read

In the ever-evolving landscape of BitTorrent technology, performance and scalability are paramount. Torrust stands at the forefront, offering a suite of open-source software products designed to enhance peer-to-peer file sharing. At the heart of this suite is the Torrust BitTorrent Tracker, a Rust-based engine crafted for efficiency and speed. This post will introduce you to the benchmarking tools we are using at the moment for the tracker.

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Deploying Torrust To Production

Published on 20/12/2023
21 min read

Dive into our step-by-step tutorial on deploying a BitTorrent Index and Tracker, written in Rust, on a Digital Ocean droplet. From initial server setup to advanced configurations, this guide is designed for both non-developers and tech-savvy users, ensuring a seamless, production-ready deployment.

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Announcing the Beta v3.0.0 Live Demo

Published on 15/12/2023
2 min read

We will release a new major version v3.0.0. We want the community to test it before the final release while it's still in Beta. You can contribute to make Torrust better.

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Containerizing Rust Applications

Published on 09/11/2023
26 min read

Torrust services (Tracker and Index) support docker, we want to ensure that contributors understand our containerfile and we also want to share good practices for containerizing Rust applications.

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What is a BitTorrent tracker and types of trackers

Published on 05/10/2023
4 min read

Basic explanation of what a BitTorrent tracker is and the two types of trackers, public and private.

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Introducing the New Sample Torrent Migration Tool

Published on 04/09/2023
4 min read

Looking to migrate to the Torrust Index? Dive into our Torrents Importer Sample to seamlessly transfer your torrents to Torrust.

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The Enigmatic Torrent "Source" Field

Published on 08/08/2023
10 min read

Delving into BitTorrent’s Mysteries. What is the "source" field in the torrent info used for?

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How To Run A Local Demo

Published on 11/07/2023
3 min read

You can easily run the Torrust Index demo on your computer easily with Git and Docker.

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How To Setup The Dev Env

Published on 11/07/2023
6 min read

If you want to contribute to the Torrust Index, this article explains how to setup a development environment with the latest versions for all services.

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How To Contribute To This Site

Published on 22/04/2023
3 min read

How to manage existing blog posts and create new ones on this site.